A Life Full of Laughter: Today is Christmas Eve

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Today is Christmas Eve

This morning I have alot on my mind. It's Christmas Eve. I'm excited because of it being Christ's birth. Praise the Lord that he came to Earth to save our sins! I can't imagine the world without the Light of Jesus here!

Unfortunately I'm also pretty sad today. My mom and dad moved to Florida from Ohio about nine months ago. I am missing them so much I can hardly stand it!!! I"m glad that they are getting to live their dreams but I really wish their dreams were here in Ohio with me. They decided to come home for Thanksgiving this year & stay in Florida for Christmas. That made me so sad. I miss them so much & hate to think of spending this Christmas without them. It will be the first one ever that they are not here. It really does break my heart. I'm trying to be happy for Tom & Ashley but it is a struggle. I miss my parents. I keep wishing they'll show up on my doorstep as a surprise but I know that isn't going to happen.

Okay, lets talk some quilting stuff so that I can clear my mind. I can't wait until after Christmas to get back to my machine! I miss it! With working now it is much harder to fit time in to quilt. But since I don't go back to work until January 2nd I should be able to get lots of quilting time in!!! I am hoping to get started on the Quiltville Mystery that Bonnie Hunter is doing. I just love her site! She is so much fun & so full of great scrappy ideas. I've joined her e-mail list and have been saving the steps for the mystery. I can't wait to start it after Christmas! I'm using the same colors as she is - it should be so neat when it is finished. :)

I hope everybody has a great Christmas & gets to enjoy all their family and friends. Be safe & enjoy the blessings that God has given you!!! Bye!

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~*~Shea~*~ said...

hi, I'm on joyfulhelpmeet (though I don't post often)and when I saw you had a blog, I immediately came over to look at it. I LOVE blogs! I just wanted to say Thank you for this post. It is my dream to move to Florida from VA when my husband retires. I thought alittle about how my children might miss us over the holidays if we stay there but not too much. Your post puts it into perspective for me. Something to think about. Thank you.

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