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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lots of binkies and blocks!

I'm still working on catching up from all the packages I received last week.  Today I'll be writing about all the binkies and Binky Blocks I received.  Two of the packages came last week and one arrived today.  So fun!!  The first one that came was from Sherri in OH.  She sent me a beautiful, big binky and 160 flannel squares.  The binky is awesome!  The squares are going to be alot of fun to play with too!

Next, I received another box of Binky Blocks from Carol in MN.  She is really having fun with these blocks and I seem to be benefiting from it!!  She sent me 20 more this time!

Then today in the mail, I received a box from Marcia in IN.  When she first heard about Central Ohio Binky Patrol she wanted to help out but was only interested in quilting tops that were already completed.  I was happy to hear that because I had lots of tops that needed quilted & am still expecting more!  So about a month ago I sent a box full of 11 tops to Marcia and today I received a few of them back.  She has already gotten 4 of them quilted and even included the binding for me to attach!  And, although I was super surprised by this, she also included 28 Binky Blocks!!  Yay!

Thanks everyone!! 


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fabric donations

First off, happy father's day to all those great dads out there!!!  I was very blessed to have a wonderful father growing up  And thankfully my daughter is blessed with fantastic dad too.  I hope everyone had a great day!

Last week I received lots of donations, this posting will be about fabric items.  First off I got a package from Chele in FL.  This package was completely a surprise!  Usually people email me first and let me know when they are sending items.  Chele didn't though!  She must have gotten my address from the website and just put some really cute flannel in the mail.  What a great surprise!

Also, I received two HUGE boxes of fabric from Robert Kaufman Fabrics!!  Wow!  They weighed a total of 55 pounds, which is about 220 yards of fabric.  Big pieces too & lots of beautiful colors and designs.  It took me almost three hours to sort everything, but that was a pretty fun way to spend my time!  Such a fantastic donation!!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

What an awesome day!

Today has been a really awesome day!  First, this morning I made my first delivery for Central Ohio Binky Patrol.  It sure felt good!!  I delivered 10 binkies to Licking County Job and Family Services.  Their offices are small so they only want a few at a time because of storage issues.  Gail, who used to be Tom & my caseworker when we were foster parents, was so happy to see the binkies.  She said the kids are really going to love them.  Here is a picture of the binkies I delivered, I tried to give them a good mixture of items I've received.

Then this afternoon, I actually finished knitting a hat!!!  Yes, you read that right...I made a hat!  A couple days ago I was treated to a visit by a friend, Polly, from one of my email lists.  She was in Ohio visiting her sister & decided to make a visit here!  We had a great time and she taught me how to make a hat.  I really didn't think I was a good enough knitter yet, but she had confidence in me so we tried.  I was able to do it too!!  And, this is the really amazing part, just a couple days later I've actually completed the hat.  That is amazing because I'm awful about finishing projects!  It was so fun and I can't wait to start another one.  This makes my first "official" donation to Central Ohio Binky Patrol too!  Here it is, be gentle!


Yarn and granny squares

Last week I was blessed with quite a few shipments for Central Ohio Binky Patrol.  The ones I'm going to write about today are "yarn based"!  I received two big donations of yarn and a huge box of granny squares!  The first yarn donation came from Sharon in CA.  She has already sent me some knitted squares and this time she donated 14 skeins of yarn!  I can't believe she fit all of those into such a small box - lol!

Next were the granny squares.  They came from Sue in MD and there were 71 all together.  I really need to start sewing these together!  They are so pretty and are going to make some great binkies!

Finally, I received a phone call from a woman that lived here in Newark who wanted to donate some yarn.  She is older and can't crochet anymore but really wanted her yarn to go to a worthy cause.  So Central Ohio Binky Patrol got the donation!  When I went to pickup the yarn I wasn't sure how much or what shape it would be in.  I was so surprised when I saw four huge trash bags!!  She donated 55 regular sized skeins and 5 large skeins.  The yarn is all really pretty too & so soft.  Wow!!

Thanks everyone!  It's like Christmas every time I receive a box & the supplies are so helpful in getting binkies made.  I appreciate all of you so much!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Quilted Binky Blocks!!

The Binky Blocks are starting to roll in!!  I love them and it's so fun to get packages in the mail.  The blocks I'm going to write about today are all quilt blocks and they are beautiful!  First, here are some from Kathy in Ohio.  She sent me 104 of them!!!  They are all the same and are going to make a couple really beautiful binkies.  Aren't they great?

I also received some blocks from Carol in MN.  She sent me 22 of them!!  There are three different styles and they are going to make a great binky too.  Here's a picture of them, so pretty!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Binkies, tops & squares!

I feel so blessed by all the wonderful volunteers I have helping out Central Ohio Binky Patrol!  The support I'm receiving is overwhelming and makes me so happy.  Of course, because I'm being blessed so much it has made me get behind in my posting of things I'm recieving.  I'll get them all posted eventually though!  Today's post has to do with two different volunteers in New York.

Last week I received 2 binkies and 2 quilt tops from Dorothy in NY.  This is the second shipment I've recieved from her and they are just as great as the first ones.  Please keep up the great work, Dorothy!!  Here are some pictures.

About a week ago, I received a phone call from a teacher in New York who had been having her students knit and crochet squares as part of their curriculum.  Here name was JoAnn and the school was IS 187 in Brooklyn.  She wanted to donate the squares to me & start doing so on a regular basis.  I, of course, was thrilled with the idea!  I'm excited about getting the squares but also about her involving her students the way she is.  I just think it is wonderful!  This past Monday I received the box & was shocked to see that there were 173 squares in there!!  Plus they also donated 4 regular sized & 1 large sized skein of yarn and a bunch of little crocheted flowers.  Awesome!  Here are the pictures.

Thanks again to everyone who is working so hard to make this charity a success!  I am truely inspired by all of you!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing "Binky Blocks" - please join us!!

Introducing "Binky Blocks" for Central Ohio Binky Patrol!!  There will be three groups going for each two month period - knitting, crochet and quilt blocks. We will be making blocks according to specific color themes for two months at a time throughout the year as listed below.  You can use a combination of the colors or just one of them. Also, feel free to add any neutral colors.

June 1 - July 31 - red/white/blue
Aug 1 - Sept 30 - bright colors
Oct 1 - Nov 30 - orange/black
Dec 1 - Jan 31 - red/green
Feb 1 - March 31 - blue/yellow
April 1 - May 31 - pastel colors

For quilting, the blocks need to be 6.5 inches and can be made using any pattern or technique. Quilting blocks need to be made from 100% cotton fabric.

For knitting & crochet, the blocks need to be 6 inches and can be made using any pattern as well. Knitting & crochet blocks need to be made from worsted weight, machine washable/dryable yarn.

Once all the blocks are received, I will be combining them into binkies to donate to our local foster children. I think this will be a fun way to start accumulating blocks and building binkies.

All people interested in participating can email me directly with your name and estimated number of blocks you'll be sending. I will then be in touch with my mailing address. You need to sign up for each two month time period separately. Don't worry too much over the amount of blocks you estimate sending. It's alright if you don't send that many or if you send more. I just would like a ballpark figure and this is supposed to be fun!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beautiful yarn colors!

I received a big box from Mountain Colors last week & it was filled with some really, really beautiful yarn.  They generously donated 57 skeins of brightly colored yarn for my charity.  I am very impressed with the quality of the yarn.  But what really got me excited is how beautiful & rich the coloring is.  Look at these pictures.

I sure can't wait to jumpy in and start something great with them. Thanks again Mountain Colors Yarn!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have to admit that the package I received from Crooked Brook on Friday just might be my favorite yet! They sent me some custom t-shirts with our Central Ohio Binky Patrol logo embroidered on the left chest! I just love these. T-shirts are something I wear a lot during the summer, actually all year long, and they’ll be a great way to get our charity’s name out there. Just like with the polo shirts, these t-shirts are very professional looking and the embroidery work is perfect. Although the most popular methods of customizing t-shirts are screen printing and direct to garment printing, embroidered t-shirts are still in demand. Here is a picture of the adult sized shirts they sent.

They also sent some kid's sized t-shirts as well. I was so excited for them because I knew my nieces and nephews were going to love them. As a matter of fact, I ended up giving them to three of the kids before I could even get a picture, LOL! But I did take a picture of the rest of them. Here it is.

Aren’t they all great? I would love to have one in every single color available! They are comfortable but yet high quality. Plus I figure I might as well be doing some “advertising” for Central Ohio Binky Patrol while I’m out & about!! Don’t forget all the options you have with Crooked Brook too. You get to pick the exact style and color of t-shirt you want.

Also, if you already have a logo or design that you would like embroidered, just e-mail Crooked Brook the artwork and they will give you a free estimate of the onetime cost to digitize it, and the estimated cost each time they embroider the design. These costs will depend on the design's size and complexity. If you do not have a logo, but would like to create one, you can do so by choosing an embroidery font, embroidery thread color and combining them with a stock design from Embroidery Island. Crooked Brook also has some of their own embroidery designs to choose from.

By the way, if you or anybody you know, is in the market for high quality chef wear, contact Crooked Brook. Each one of their chef coats, chef jackets, and aprons is made to order, and their women's chef coats are stunning.

Visit Crooked Brook today for promotional products or custom embroidered golf shirts, button down shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, vests, jeans, patches, hats, aprons, fleece jackets, fleece blankets , sweatshirt blankets, baby blankets, tote bags, t-shirts and custom t-shirts.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

More binkies!

In the past few days I've received 4 more binkies and 2 more quilt tops and 4 knitted squares to start towards a binky!!!  Awesome!  First, I got two binkies from Carol in MN.  They are just so cute and cuddly.  Here are a couple pictures.

A few days later I received two binkies and two quilt tops from Pat in NY.  All of them are great but I'm especially partial to the hearts quilt - I think it was hand quilted too!  Here are some pictures.

Last, but not least, I got an envelope with four knitted squares from Sharon in CA.  Each one is a different pattern and will go wonderfully together to start towards a binky.  Here is a picture.

The knitted squares give me a great opportunity to discuss the newest adventure we've started at Central Ohio Binky Patrol.  We've decided to hold a "Binky Block Party" where we have a color theme we'll follow for two months and either knit, crochet or quilt blocks.  At the end of the second month, each persons name will be put into the pot for every block they've sent and I'll draw a winner.  I will then send out prizes in all three catagories - knitting, crochet and quilting.  It's going to be fun!  Either email me or fill out the form on the site if you are interested in participating.  It's an awesome way to help out our charity without the commitment of a full binky!!

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