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Friday, June 18, 2010

Yarn and granny squares

Last week I was blessed with quite a few shipments for Central Ohio Binky Patrol.  The ones I'm going to write about today are "yarn based"!  I received two big donations of yarn and a huge box of granny squares!  The first yarn donation came from Sharon in CA.  She has already sent me some knitted squares and this time she donated 14 skeins of yarn!  I can't believe she fit all of those into such a small box - lol!

Next were the granny squares.  They came from Sue in MD and there were 71 all together.  I really need to start sewing these together!  They are so pretty and are going to make some great binkies!

Finally, I received a phone call from a woman that lived here in Newark who wanted to donate some yarn.  She is older and can't crochet anymore but really wanted her yarn to go to a worthy cause.  So Central Ohio Binky Patrol got the donation!  When I went to pickup the yarn I wasn't sure how much or what shape it would be in.  I was so surprised when I saw four huge trash bags!!  She donated 55 regular sized skeins and 5 large skeins.  The yarn is all really pretty too & so soft.  Wow!!

Thanks everyone!  It's like Christmas every time I receive a box & the supplies are so helpful in getting binkies made.  I appreciate all of you so much!!


1 comment:

mkhquilts said...

Where can I find your email address? I liked your idea of sending in blocks for binkies. I could make a few RWB ones, then we shall see!

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