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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lots of gifts and a granny stripe update

I have been very blessed the last week or so!  So blessed that I have gotten very behind in making my posts, as a matter of fact.  LOL!  I've received a ton of great gifts for me personally as well as donations for Central Ohio Binky Patrol.  People are so generous!  I'm going to post about the personal stuff here and will post about the charity stuff on that blog.  I'll also be posting pictures for the charity there as well.  Come check it out at!

So, I've received lots and lots of packages of yarn for my Granny Stripe blanket.  The variey of colors and textures is amazing!  I got boxes from Launie in UT, Danielle in MA, mscynical81 in NC, proddy in Ca and Jill in CA.  Some of the yarn is acrylic, some are natural such as cotton and wool, and some are not labeled.  By the way, is there a test I can do on the yarn to tell what the fiber is?  Here are pictures of all the yarn...

Not only have I received shipments of yarn, but I've also been blessed with some awesome books and magazines about crocheting.  That is so awesome because I am literally crazy about crochet anymore!  Linda in OK and Carol in DE  both sent me boxes of fantastic reading material.  Here are some pics...

And last, but not least, I have been hard at work on my Granny Stripe blanket.  It is so much fun!  I'm really coming along too.  I'm just starting my 29th color stripe!!  I'm thinking I'll make 100 or maybe alittle more color stripes so I'm alittle past a fourth of the way done.  I really would like every stripe to be a different color but I don't know if I'm going to be able to do that or not.  Oh well, if not then I'll just repeat some of my favorites.  This is such a fun pattern and I highly recommend it to anyone that crochets!  I do have to say that it is getting pretty heavy now.  That will be great for this winter but right now, with it being 90 degrees outside, it is alittle hot to work on!!  Here is a picture...

Custom Sweatshirts

I don’t think I’ve told you about the awesome custom sweatshirts that Crooked Brook sent for Central Ohio Binky Patrol. They are so nice. It used to be that sweatshirts were all the same and you didn’t have much variety. But now, they can be long sleeved, short sleeved, no sleeved, tons of different colors, fabrics and weights. Plus, you can choose between men’s or women’s and there are a large variety of sizes. If you want to advertise your business, group or organization then custom sweatshirts from Crooked Brook are the way to go!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New website for Central Ohio Binky Patrol!

One of my volunteers, Randi, has donated her time and technical expertise to make a fantastic new website for our charity!  It's awesome!!!  We have a chat area, message boards, our own photo gallery, and tons of information about what we need donated.  Please come and check it out!!  I know you are going to love it and probably decide to stay for quite a while!  The link is !!!  See you there! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lots of squishies!

I have been so fortunate to receive lots of squishies in the mail the past few days & they've all been for my Granny Stripe blanket! :)  I'm so lucky to have met such great friends on Ravelry.  First up is a ripple afghan from Carol in DE.  The colors are so bright and pretty.  She said that her grandma made this afghan and it hasn't been finished.  If I want to finish it for Central Ohio Binky Patrol I can or if I want to rip it out for the yarn that is alright with her as well.  I'm thinking of attempting to finish it but I've never done a ripple pattern before.  We'll see!  Here is a picture..

Next is some more yarn from Robin in IL.  She had already sent me two packages and this is the third one.  So generous!!  I'm going to use some of this in my Granny Stripe for sure.  Here is a pic..

Third, I received a package from Jennifer in TX.  She sent me quite a few balls of yarn in some really pretty colors.  I'm sure some will end up in my Granny Stripe and the rest will go in other wonderful afghans I'll crochet later.  Here's a pic..

Finally, I received a box from Maria in AR.  She included a project that she started but didn't love enough to finish plus all the yarn to complete it if I chose to do so.  She also said  that if I wanted to rip it out and use the yarn for a different afghan that was alright too.  I haven't decided yet but I'm leaning towards ripping this one out for the yarn.  It's so bright and fun - it'll make an awesome binky or some fun granny squares!  Maria also included some really pretty yarn in greens & burgandy.  The colors are going to be perfect for my Granny Stripe!  Here is a picture..

Now, after all that bragging on my wonderful Ravelry friends and their generosity, I have an update on my Granny Stripe blanket.  I am really, really loving this pattern from Lucy at Attic24.  It's fun and easy!!  This weekend I worked a lot on it while I caught up on back episodes of "The Next Food Network Star".  What a fun weekend!  I've just finished my 12th stripe of color, that is 24 rows done!  Wow! :)  Here is a picture of my progress...


Friday, August 13, 2010

Promotional Products

I just wanted to take a minute to discuss Crooked Brook with everyone. They are a fantastic company that I came across when I first started Central Ohio Binky Patrol. I am overwhelmed with the amount of support they have shown me in the last few months! They supply a wide variety of promotional products that can be helpful to a great number of people. Whether you’re advertising your own business, charity, sports team, church or whatever else, you will be happy that you used Crooked Brook to create the promotional items that will get your name out there and draw the attention you crave! Visit Crooked Brook today for promotional products or a custom embroidered golf shirt, button down shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, vest, jeans, patches, hat, apron, fleece jacket, fleece blanket , sweatshirt blanket, baby blanket, tote bag, t-shirt and custom t-shirt.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Granny Stripe progress

I am absolutely loving this blanket!!!!  It is so easy and fun.  Since the blanket is going to be so big (I chained 300 to start!!) it takes me about 30 minutes to finish one row.  That means that the two rows it takes to make a color stripe takes me about an hour.  Of course, I suppose I'm pretty slow at crochet since I just learned a few weeks ago.  Still, I'm pretty proud of myself and I absolutely LOVE the way it is turning out! :)

Guess what else....I put a post on Ravelry about making the Granny Stripe blanket & asked for scrap yarn.  Lots of people have offered to send me their scraps!  I got my first delivery today - two envelopes from Robin in IL.  The yarn is awesome and will add a lot to my blanket.  Here is a picture...


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Granny Stripe has been started!

I went through my yarn last night and picked out some more colors.  I'd love to hear what you all think!

I've decided to stick with just acrylic for this blanket intead of combining fibers.  Then I'll make a strictly wool one later.  That just seems best!  I've already received some offers of yarn so I sure can't wait for them to arrive!

I started my blanket last night.  The first few rows were kinda hard and I'm not 100% sure if I did it right.  The edge looks alittle funny but hopefully it'll smooth out later.  The good thing is that now I have the pattern set up so it should be relatively quick and easy going from here on out.  I can't wait to get back to working on it!!!  Here is a picture...

I ended up chainined 300 to start so it is going to really be big.  Perfect for cuddling under!!!! :)  Gosh, I really am crazy about crochet right now!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crazy about crochet!!!

I have recently become completely crazy about crochet!  Seriously, I feel like it is all I think about!  I have to admit that I'm proud of myself because I learned completely from library books and youtube videos.  It feels good to say that I taught myself!  Of course, my poor husband was probably ready to strangle me at times but he was patient and I figured it out. Yay!

So, I've got one blanket started that I'm making from Peaches & Cream cotton yarn called Pink Lemonade.  It's pretty and going to be big.  And I am starting to work on joining squares that I've received from volunteers for Central Ohio Binky Patrol.  But, just like with quilting, I can see that I'm going to be starting lots of new projects as well, especially since I'm beginning to visit differnt crochet blogs and have gained lots of inspiration.

Which brings me to my next project!!!!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  I'm going to make a Granny Stripe blanket like I found on the Attic24 blog.  Lucy made this blanket and I am in love with it!!!  Actually, I love her whole blog.  She has the greatest ideas and I will probably end up wanting to make one of everything she designs!  But for now I'm starting with the Granny Stripe blanket.  Here is a picture of Lucy's, isn't it fabulous?!?

Right now I'm working on choosing the yarn to use.  I'll be needing lots & lots because I want this blanket to be BIG!  I'm thinking it will make a perfect blanket for cuddling under and watching tv.  Or even napping, lol!  I can't wait to dig through my stash and see what I can come up with.  I doubt I'd need much yarn for a two row color stripe so it'll be a good scrap user.  Plus, I figure, the more different colors the better! 

Today we were out killing time while we waited for our carpets to dry from Tom cleaning them & I wound up in the yarn section of our local Meijers store.  They had Vanna's Choice on sale so I talked him into buying me 9 skeins.  The colors are so pretty and are going to be a great start for my blanket!  Lookie...

Originally, I was thinking about trying to combine two different weights of yarn - worsted and fingering - but I've decided that is just going to be too difficult!  I've decided I'm going to stick with worsted weight but I will include both wool and acrylic, maybe even through in some cotton.  Should be alright, don't you think?  So, if any of you have a little spare yarn you'd like to contribute to my super big Granny Stripe blanket I would love it!  I figure it shouldn't take much to complete a two row color stripe.


Monday, August 2, 2010

More charity info!

Goodness, it seems like all I think about anymore is Central Ohio Binky Patrol!!  Of course, it's a very worthwhile cause so I suppose that it's a good thing it is always on my mind.  We seem to be growing every day & I praise the Lord for that!  I have lots of links to share with you so let's get to it, lol!

First, I started a Ravelry group for our charity.  I think it'll be a great way to get the word out even more.  Maybe even gain some more knitters/crocheters to help out.  If you are a member of Ravelry come join our group!  And if you aren't then maybe you should join because it is a great site!  Here is the link to our group .

Second, I also started a Yahoo group for us.  We had one before and I closed it.  I'm regretting that decision so I've decided to start one up again.  This group is for all my wonderful volunteers.  I'm hoping that we can really support and advise each other!  It'll be a great way to get to know everyone too since we are scattered throughout the country.  Here is the link .

And finally, I posted another post on the Binky Blog.  I've received lots of packages the last few days and I'm trying to keep everybody updated.  Always remember to check that blog first for all info regarding our charity!  Here is the link again .

I can't begin to tell you how much everyone's support means to me.  I sure couldn't do this without you!  Thanks to each and every one of you!!!


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