A Life Full of Laughter: Lots of gifts and a granny stripe update

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lots of gifts and a granny stripe update

I have been very blessed the last week or so!  So blessed that I have gotten very behind in making my posts, as a matter of fact.  LOL!  I've received a ton of great gifts for me personally as well as donations for Central Ohio Binky Patrol.  People are so generous!  I'm going to post about the personal stuff here and will post about the charity stuff on that blog.  I'll also be posting pictures for the charity there as well.  Come check it out at!

So, I've received lots and lots of packages of yarn for my Granny Stripe blanket.  The variey of colors and textures is amazing!  I got boxes from Launie in UT, Danielle in MA, mscynical81 in NC, proddy in Ca and Jill in CA.  Some of the yarn is acrylic, some are natural such as cotton and wool, and some are not labeled.  By the way, is there a test I can do on the yarn to tell what the fiber is?  Here are pictures of all the yarn...

Not only have I received shipments of yarn, but I've also been blessed with some awesome books and magazines about crocheting.  That is so awesome because I am literally crazy about crochet anymore!  Linda in OK and Carol in DE  both sent me boxes of fantastic reading material.  Here are some pics...

And last, but not least, I have been hard at work on my Granny Stripe blanket.  It is so much fun!  I'm really coming along too.  I'm just starting my 29th color stripe!!  I'm thinking I'll make 100 or maybe alittle more color stripes so I'm alittle past a fourth of the way done.  I really would like every stripe to be a different color but I don't know if I'm going to be able to do that or not.  Oh well, if not then I'll just repeat some of my favorites.  This is such a fun pattern and I highly recommend it to anyone that crochets!  I do have to say that it is getting pretty heavy now.  That will be great for this winter but right now, with it being 90 degrees outside, it is alittle hot to work on!!  Here is a picture...

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