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Monday, February 4, 2008

Hi again!

I'm finally posting again. It's been alittle while & I'm sorry about that. Things are busy around here as always! Ashley's basketball team won their game on Saturday. They are still undefeated!!! YEA!! :) Ashley is such a great player and Tom is such a great coach. And of course I'm such a great "cheerleader"!

I started a new book today. It's the first book in the "Mitford Years" series by Jan Karon. I started "At Home in Mitford" today & am now on chapter four. My mom has been recommending these books for a long time & I'm finally getting started on them. So far I'm liking them alot. I think Mitford sounds like a great place to live! I wonder if there are any little towns like that left in America. Everything seems so overpopulated with people & stores anymore. I yearn for the simple life.

I've been working on string blocks as well as other stuff. I really like doing the string blocks because they are so mindless. I can just sew and sew. The design when they are all put together is so neat too! Here is a picture of some I"m working on. And here is a picture of some finished blocks.

OH.....and guess what one of my wonderful internet friends sent me....... a whole envelope full of 1930's fabrics. I am so excited to get started on this quilt!! I've got a few other friends that are sending me some 30's scraps as well. It's going to be such a neat quilt when I get it finished. Thanks so much Ellen!


Steph said...

Just found your Blog and am enjoying it very much! Found you from your post from Stashbusters on wanting to sell your quilts, I am in the same boat, my Dh is wanting me to do the same but it is really daunting! I dabbled a little in it last year at a small craft fair and did great, write me if you would like to brainstorm some!

Amy in TX said...

Hey, I saw your blog on the Learn Quilting group. It was great to see your blog! Those string blocks looked so neat! I've never done those before. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sharon said...

I haven't had the courage to try quilting yet - but I've really enjoyed seeing your beautiful work! I'll be back to visit soon!!

Anonymous said...

I also found your Blog with the post from Stashbusters. You will so enjoy the books in the Mitford Series -they are one of my favorite series, the other being The Covington Series by Joan A.Medlicott - Enjoy

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