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Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday brags!! :)

My birthday is this coming Sunday - March 16 - and I'll be 36 years old. Also our wedding anniversary is the following Sunday - March 23 - and we'll be married 17 years. March is always a great month for me!! Usually Ashley stays with my parents for a few nights for us to celebrate our anniversary but this year she can't because of them moving to Florida. She thought it would be good to just fly her down for the weekend but that is alittle too expensive!! She'll be going to a friend's house for the weekend instead. We're doing it this week because our actual anniversary falls on Easter this year.

Because of Ashley going to her friend's house they decided to surprise me and celebrate my birthday last night. I was so surprised I can't even put it into words!!! She and Tom were really sneaky and had alot of secrets between them. He had ordered me a cake from R & M Bakery which is my very, very favorite. He picked that up yesterday on his way home from work & also got vanilla ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate sauce & peanuts. Plus they had gone shopping earlier in the week when I thought they had gone to the gym to play basketball. He bought me a BEAUTIFUL wooden Amish made quilt rack. I've been wanting one forever to put my quilts on. Hopefully I'll get busy now and get more made to fill it up. Here is a couple pictures of it.

Ashley also got me a present. She's been babysitting alot and has her own money now. She is so generous and actually got me a $50.00 gift certificate to Jo Ann's Fabric!!!! Isn't that the greatest! Of course I wanted to go shopping right away - I can never hold onto those gift certificates for very long. Tom and I went that evening but Ashley decided to stay home. She thinks I take way too long in that store! I really can't believe I'm typing this but I didn't buy a single piece of fabric! Usually I just buy random 1/2 yard cuts to try to build up my stash. It isn't very big & I'm always wanting more fabric. But this time I decided to be smart about it and get something I really wanted. So I decided on a new iron since I've had mine since I got married 17 years ago and it isn't that great of one. The Rowentas were on sale for $20.00 off so I decided on one of those. I ended up with the Rowenta Professional. It is so nice!!!!! I also got a book "Bargello Quilts" by Marge Edie and some safety & straight pins. All you quilters out there know that I ended up spending more then the gift certificate was for but my generous husband was more than happy to give me the rest of it!! :) Here is a picture of all the stuff I got from Ashley.
Yesterday was such a wonderful surprise!! I really think I have the greatest husband and daughter in the world!!! :) They love me so much and I'm so blessed.


Andee said...

Great book choice. I recently got that same book and really like it. Happy Birthday!

Amy in TX said...

What a special birthday surprise!! I saw your post on the quilting loop and had to check it out. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa,it seems that you have had part of it already:>))
But if you have a birthday season as I do then there is more happiness to come LOL.

Nan said...

So much for anonymous :>))

Phyl said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I have added your blog to my RSS feed:).



mrsknapp said...

what a lovely quilt rack! How nice! Happy Happy!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! That's a great iron say nothing of the quilt rack. :-)

Susan said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations. I'll be excited to see what you make from the quilt book.

Sweet P said...

Happy birthday! The quilt rack is gorgeous. Your DD was nice too with the gift certificate. Enjoy your new iron.

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