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Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting my groove back!

I'm finally getting my quilting groove back! It feels good too. I have been away from quilting for so long that it was starting to stress me out. But my husband finally stepped in to help me and we got it all worked out. He told me last night that I needed to take some time for myself this weekend. He wants me to relax and get excited about quilting again. Now, we're having a yard sale tomorrow and Saturday so that is taking some of my time. And I have to go to work for alittle bit on Saturday morning. But other then that we'll be home and I"m going to be focusing on all things quilting!! LOL!

Today I spent the day reading e-mails from Yahoo quilting groups I belong to. I've also looked at lots of quilting blogs. I have gotten so much inspiration from everyone it's amazing! I had planned to get out all the projects I've started and decide what I like and what I want to change. I was going to pick four of them and they'd become my "Fab Four" that I would focus on. I didn't get that far though. Instead I spent the day on the computer and helping to get the yard sale ready.

BUT tomorrow is another day! In the evening, and maybe if I can sneak inside some during the day, I'm going to drag out all those projects and get thinking. I want to pick my Fab Four and focus on them. I'm going to commit to sewing 15 minutes every single day. It doesn't matter which of the four projects I work on, or if I decide to sew longer or not, but I have to do my 15 minutes. I really think it'll make a big difference!!


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