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Monday, July 12, 2010

Time to catch up some!!

I am so sorry that I've gotten so behind on my postings!  I have just been so busy with Central Ohio Binky Patrol.  I know, that isn't an excuse and really should be a reason for more posts, but I've gotten behind and it's hard to catch up!  But I'm going to right now.  First off, I want to say a huge thanks to everyone that is helping out with this charity!!!  I appreciate all of your help so much!!!

Since my last posting I've been really blessed with all the packages I've been receiving.  Because I'm so far behind I'm not going to post individual pictures of everything - I hope you all understand!  But if you visit our charity's website you will be able to watch a slide show of recently received items.  I'd like to mention everyone though and the thoughtful donations they've sent.  Maria in OH sent a binky, Leona in OH sent 8 binkies, Debi in OR sent 4 binky blocks, Melzee in IA sent an extra large binky, Linda in IA sent 6 binkies, Daleen in OH gave me 2 big boxes and a bag full of fabric, Nikki in NV sent 2 big boxes full of yarn, Loretta in AK sent 2 boxes full of fabric and quilt blocks, Joan in WA sent a binky, Ida in CO sent a box of yarn, Dotty in NY sent 4 binkies, Wendy in OH sent a big box full of fabric, Elaine in OH sent a binky, Marilyn in CA sent 256 binky blocks, 5 sweaters and 5 hats.  And, I can't forget this one because I'm especially proud of her, my daughter Ashley made a binky!!

Also, I was able to make two more deliveries at the end of June.  I delivered 10 binkies to New Beginnings which is a domestic violence shelter for women and children.  Also, I delivered 15 binkies to Heartbeats which is an organization that helps pregnant teens.  It is very rewarding to deliver these binkies and know that we are really helping people!!

Again, I'm really sorry to everyone that I has worked so hard and donated such beautiful items the last few weeks.  I promise from now on I will stay on top of this & get the items posted immediately!  Thanks again to everyone and please keep up the great work!!


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