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Friday, April 29, 2011

Major plea for help!

I’m sure you’ve all seen coverage of the horrific tornados that attacked Alabama and surrounding areas on Wednesday. Such destruction and despair! I’ve been contacted by a special Central Ohio Binky Patrol volunteer who has friends who live near some of the towns that were hit. She has asked if we can help out and provide as many binkies as possible for the children in these areas.

There are two towns in particular that I’d like to help. The first is Smithville, MS which had a population of approximately 900 and was nearly flattened completely by the tornado. The second is Hackleburg, AL which had a population of approximately 1500 and was also nearly flattened by the tornado. Because they are such small towns I am concerned that they will not receive as much support and assistance as the larger towns that were hit. I am working on getting in contact with my volunteer’s friends as well as possibly some church members or town officials and will be in touch as I receive more information.

The destruction and devastation is overwhelming. Part of me feels like a binky isn’t much to offer when so many people have lost their homes and everything they own. On the other hand, a scared child would probably really appreciate something soft and warm to cuddle up with. It might make everything seem a little less scary and terrible. That is where we come in!

Can you please help? If you can commit to even making one binky, as quickly as you can, that will make a huge difference! Remember, they can be knitted, crocheted, quilted, tied fleece, even crochet edged fleece. Any pattern or style is fine, all ages and sexes are needed. Sizes can range anywhere from 36”x36” up to 65”x90”. I know blankets take time to make but please try to send as soon as you are able. Also, if it is possible, I would greatly appreciate it if you could please include a few $1.00 stamps to help with postage. I’m hoping to have lots of boxes to send off to Alabama!

Finally, just a quick update on my hands, I had the second carpal tunnel release surgery on April 22 and it went well. Now I’m just working on healing, which is coming along nicely but I still have a way to go. It’s hard for me to do much of anything so I still haven’t processed all the boxes yet. Please keep them coming though, especially now with the Alabama project and of course our Snowball Express project. I am hoping to be able to start catching up next week. Thanks again for all your support and patience!


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