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Monday, August 24, 2009

Gardening stress!

Today has been a stressful day and I think it's probably going to get worse. My husband and I bought this house about 3 years ago, after living in different apartments for the first 15 years of our marriage. The house has a really nice yard - picket fence in the front and privacy fence in the back. The previous owners had done some landscaping but we wanted to change it. Of course, we didn't know anything about flowers or gardening.

That first summer I made a friend on the internet, Becki, and she helped me so much! She gave me lots and lots of great advice. And she also gave me tons of plants - mostly daylilies that are beautiful. It got me going and we did alot of work to the yard.

The next summer I was feeling overwhelmed with everything and didn't put much time into the yard. My husband and I made a few changes and began to downsize somewhat. Plus we were both terrible about weeding.

This summer we started out great - weeded and put down lots of mulch. But then as it got hotter we got lazy. We didn't make it out much until this past week. Now we've weeded everything again and it's looking nice. We've decided to downsize more and only have beds that are about 3 or 4 feet deep. Right now the beds are about 15 feet deep.

This is where the stress is coming in!!!! We're trying to decide what to keep and what to pass onto other people. We're also trying to decide how to set up the beds. I am always so bad about cramming too much stuff into beds. They end up looking way too crowded and just messy. This time I'm hoping Tom will help me to plan it all out. He's much better about spacing stuff the right way.

I'm hoping that we'll get it all done within the next few days and I can post some awesome pictures! :)

bye for now,

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