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Friday, August 28, 2009

Teenage girls can be exhausting!

So, my husband and I have one child. She is 16 and her name is Ashley. Any moms out there? You know what I'm dealing with then!! She really is a great kid - very mature for her age and not into all the typical teenager things. BUT her emotions are all over the place! One minute she can be happy and carefree, then down in the dumps and pitiful, then mad or frustrated, then back to happy again! All within a span of a few minutes. Of course, I was even worse then that when I was a teenager. My poor parents. Tom and I got married when I was 19 and my mom used to joke that about the time she started liking me again I had moved out and gotten married. It used to make me really mad that she insinuated that she didn't like me as a teenager but now I'm understanding why. I know I should be thankful for what a great kid Ashley is and I am thankful. She is so responsible and capable. It is wonderful to not worry about her getting into trouble or running with a bad group of kids. I just would like it if her hormones and emotions could calm down alittle! I guess she would probably like that too!! :) The craziest thing is that she is going to be leaving for college in just a couple years! It's hard to believe she is that old. I'm proud of her wanting to take that big step, but we sure are going to miss her when she's in college!


Janet said...

I hear what you are saying about teenager's moods. I have a 16 year old son that is wonderful but changes mood more than the weather. :)

Design a great day,
Janet M. Davies - New Zealand

Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh, do I remember those days. My husband used to joke that he was going to take our 14 yo and trade her in on TWO seven yo's! Oh, it gets worse, and then when they get to be 22 0r 23, they suddenly think you have a brain and aren't so weird! Only weird in a "parent" way!

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