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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Charity quilts

I've recently been feeling as though I should start making some quilts for charity. I absolutely LOVE quilting and I like the idea of helping out people in need. When I put out a request for ideas on the Yahoo groups I belong to, I got lots and lots of gret ideas. I've decided to join the Heartstrings project, which is great because I can make blocks or quilts and donate to whoever I want. Also, I've joined in on the Cancer is Sew Done project. You'll find a button to the side of my blog, go check it out. Once you are on the site you are able to join groups. A fabric company will send fabric and you make that into blocks which you return. The blocks are put together to make quilts that will be sold to raise money for cancer research. I've also joined the Sunshine Yahoo group of quilters. They make blocks and quilts for two different charities - Wrap them in Love and Wrap a Smile. I've added a link for thier group as well. Oh, and I also requested a kit from Quilts for Kids. They will be sending me a kit of fabric, which I put together and return to them. That quilt is then donated to a child in need.

There are so many opportunities out there to help people and give them quilts to make them warm. I like the idea so much! It's nice too because even though I don't have the greatest confidence in my ability, the people that will receive my quilts will be thankful no matter what. Such a nice thing!!!

I really want to spend a good deal of my quilting time making these charity quilts. If any of you have any other ideas for me of places to donate to, or of ways to get materials to use, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!



Cricket said...

Hi Lisa, I'm Cricket, a member of Heartstrings Quilt Project. For fabric, think of asking your friends to save 100% cotton or flannel clothing for you when they are done with it. Thrift stores are another source of cheap fabric in used clothing. Just take apart the seams and wash it, and you have plenty of strings for Heartstrings quilts. Welcome to Heartstrings.


Kat said...

Joann Fabrics has been having a sale on red tag stuff...I ended up getting probably 30ish yards (yes, really) for roughly $1.50/yd, before tax. This week, batting is also 50% off.

Quilts for Kids will also send you materials (you provide the batting) for a quilt as well:

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