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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm sad today

My mom and dad went back to Florida today. I'm sad and missing them something terrible! They were here in Ohio for two weeks and stayed at our house the entire time. It was so nice to be able to spend such a long time with them. Of course, now it seems really quiet and alittle lonely today! I sure wish they would just move back here!!! Mom, if you are reading, you really need to move back! LOL!

I spent some time tonight working on organizing all my quilting projects. It's nice to have a plan, but alittle daunting too. I've got all the different projects in their own little containers and they are all ready to go. It sure makes me want to jump right in and start sewing. I am going to try so hard to get as many of my projects off the list as possible! Maybe by the next time my parents come to visit my list will be considerably shorter.

I even spent some time organizing the HUGE project of my old Y2K quilt out of 2.5 inch squares. When I decided to make this quilt (which was way after 2000) I put out a request for 2.5 inch squares & was very blessed by lots and lots of squares. I hate to admit it but I quickly got very overwhelmed and put everything away for a time. A month or two ago I decided to just work on it slowly and not try to be so perfect about it - if I get overwhelmed I'll put it away for a bit again. I've been sewing them together as leader/enders for a few weeks now and already have 167 pairs sewn together. I did that without even really knowing I did anything!

It's cold and snowy here and supposed to be staying that way for the rest of the week. I think it's a perfect time to get down to some serious quilting! And my husband just set up the card table near my sewing machine. He's working on an Amish puzzle that he's put off for way too long. I love him being in the same room as me! Tomorrow will be a great day - snow, puzzles and quilting!! :)


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