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Thursday, June 16, 2011

SOS for tornado victims!!

Hi everyone,

First off, thanks so much for all the awesome help you've given to the people of Hackleburg, Alabama & Smithville, Mississippi.  I am completely overwhelmed with the response so far!  As of June 15, we have sent 137 binkies, 36 hygiene kits, 30 hats, 10 scarves/prayer shawls, 99 washcloths/towels, 5 pairs baby booties, 17 sweaters/gowns, 2 pairs slippers, a wide variety of household items and many, many boxes of clothes!!  These items have been delivered to a few different distribution agencies in both towns.  It's so great to know that they are going directly to the people that need them!  As you are all aware, it will take both towns a long time to totally recover from the devastation of the tornado.  Becky, our contact, is happy to continue receiving packages for as long as you would like to send them.  Here is her address again for your reference...

Becky Ennis
480 State Hwy 19
Detroit, AL  35552

As you know, approximately a month after the tornado crippled Alabama & Mississippi another one hit Joplin, Missouri.  Many people were killed, as well as countless homes and business being destroyed.  I've been searching for a local contact and have finally found one.  Michelle has lived in Joplin for 12 years and has graciously stepped up to help.  She will begin receiving packages immediately and already has contacts to get the items delivered locally.  I'm asking all of you to please step up and help Joplin, Missouri the way you helped Hackleburg, Alabama and Smithville, Mississippi.  We can do this!  Here is Michelle's address .....

Michelle Cahill
1908 Sergeant
Joplin, MO 64804

Thank you all for your help!  Remember, please send me a quick email to let me know that you are sending items out to help the tornado victims.  Be sure to include your name, city/state, list of items you are sending, and where they went (Alabama or Missouri).  If you could include some pictures that would be great since I like to put them up on the website.

Just a quick reminder that we're getting very close to our goal of 600 hats for Snowball Express.  We only need alittle over 100 more to meet the goal!!  Please keep those hats coming.  Remember, too, that we've recently adopted Comfort Scarves and are collecting scarves for them.  As always, we have the ongoing needs of binkies & baby booties for agencies here in Ohio.  Lots going on!

Finally, I just wanted to let all of you know that I have fabric & yarn available for use on Central Ohio Binky Patrol projects.  I'd be thrilled to send some out to anyone that is interested.  All I ask is that you please provide money for shipping.  Just send me an email to let me know you are interested!  Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication.  I'm so thankful for each and every one of you!!

Lisa Woodruff

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