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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thanks GS Troop 60333

A few weeks ago, Michelle, a Girl Scout Troop Leader in Granville contacted me to see if I could help her troop earn some service hours for a badge they've been working on.  She said that they had already made some binkies for Central Ohio Binky Patrol but they needed more hours.  I tried to think of ideas of other things they could do to help but I was having trouble coming up with anything.  Luckily, Michelle was full of fantastic ideas.  She is going to have them hand out flyers at the upcoming Fourth of July parade. Also, she asked if they would be able to help with delivering some items.  I was thrilled with that idea!

So yesterday morning they came to the house to pick up the items.  I had 6 big, black, leaf sized trash bags waiting for them.  They had three destinations to deliver to - Heartbeats of Licking County, The Center for New Beginnings, and New Life Pantry.  First, though, they showed me the binkies they had made.  Awesome job, girls!  Then Michelle asked me about why I started the chapter and wanted to know more about the places they would be delivering to.  I was happy to share lots of info with the girls.  They seemed interested but were quiet too. It's alright, though, because I like to talk!  It wasn't long after that and they were on their way to the first delivery.

Thanks girls, for all of your help!  And Michelle, I am very impressed with both your troop and your dedication to these girls!! I would welcome your help anytime in the future!!


1 comment:

fabricartist21 said...

What a wonderful Girl Scout Troup!!

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