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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A call to arms!!

I am sorry I haven't been around much.  I've gotten really involved with a new project and it seems to be takign all my time.  I have agreed to start a new chapter of Binky Patrol here in Ohio.  They are a national nonprofit organization that makes blankets of all types for children of all ages.  I am so excited to announce that I will be opening the first chapter here in Ohio.  It's called Central Ohio Binky Patrol

My dream is that every child in foster care in Ohio have a binky of their own.  Being a former foster parent, I realize what a difficult experience for them to be seperated from their families and homes.  I feel that if they have a soft & warm binky to cuddle with it might make things a little easier.  That is why I have made it our chapter's mission that every child in Central Ohio, and eventually all of Ohio, that is in foster care to receive a binky of their own.

I've been spending every free minute the last few days making a website for it.  That was alot of fun - time consuming but fun.  Anyway, if you go here you can check it out and tell me what you think.  I would love any feedback or advice you have.

Also, if you are interested in volunteering or donating at all I would really appreciate it!  Being a new chapter, we need everything as far as supplies and fabric goes.  Or if you have any unfinished projects, or even finished quilts, you can send them my way and I'll make them into binkies.  Any and all help is appreciated and greatly needed!!


1 comment:

autumnesf said...

Hey LIsa! I plan on getting involved but it wont be until later in the summer. I have a quilt to finish before the 20th as a wedding gift, 2 baby quilts for a shower the 2nd week in June and another for August. What have I done to myself!! LOL! I'll bet back to you when I finish this madness..

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