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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lots more donations!

Even more donations showed up in the mail yesterday and today!  I am amazed by how generous everyone has been.  I received two HUGE bags of quilt fabric scraps from Crooked Brook.  Some of the pieces are pretty small, but some are pretty big too.  They are going to be great for making scrap quilts and will make fun binkies!  If any of you are interested in receive some of these scraps from Crooked Brook, just email them.  If you are going to be using the scraps for charity, they will ship them out for free.  And if you are going to use the scraps for personal use, they only ask that you pay for shipping.  Great deal, right?!  Here are a couple of pictures of the big bags...

Have you heard about the latest sensation in fleece blanket edging?  It's new to me, but there are people out there that have been edging fleece blankets with crochet stitches.  Such a great way to finish off the blankets and it adds a pretty edge!  Skip Stitch is a company that makes special rotary blades to make this process easier.  Just replace your blade on the rotary cutter with the special Skip Stitch blades, run the cutter down the edge of your fleece and it will cut perfectly spaced holes for you to crochet through!  Joyce, the company owner, sent me a set of all three blades yesterday as a donation.  I am so excited to try them out!  Here is a picture of the cute little envelopes they came in to keep me safe...

An email friend, Ila in IL, sent me some fleece yesterday too!  These pieces are going to go together perfectly with some other fleece to make beautiful tied binkies!  Ashley, my daughter, can't wait to get done with school to start working on them.  I love that she wants to be involved and that this fleece is inspiring her!  Here is a picture...

On to Binkies......I received two deliveries of binkies today in the mail!!!!  Isn't that great?!?!?  The first box came from Dorothy in NY.  She sent me two quilts that are so pretty and adorable.  And she has already said that she'll be sending more to us!  Awesome!!  Aren't the cute....

Also in the mail today was a package from Kay in GA.  There were a total of three binkies in that one!!  Two are completed and ready to be donated.  They are both knitted and beautiful!  Then the third on is a quilt that just needs alittle more quilting and the binding attached.  I'm going to get it finished up and it'll be ready to go too.  They are so pretty and cuddly!  Here are some pictures..


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