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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Polo Shirts

I received yet another awesome shipment from Crooked Brook today. This time it was custom embroidered polo shirts and they sure do look nice. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest things to have for promotion of Central Ohio Binky Patrol. Although any clothing or accessory with an embroidered logo is excellent way to promote your business or cause, promotional polo shirts are so popular because they are more casual than a woven button-front shirt and dressier than a t-shirt.

The Central Ohio Binky Patrol polo shirts are very professional looking and the embroidery work is perfect. Crooked Brook can also decorate polo shirts with appliqué, tackle twill, embroidered patches, screen printing, direct to garment printing

Here is a picture of the shirts they sent.

Polo shirts are also called "polos" or tennis shirts and they became so popular on golf courses, people started calling them golf shirts.  The words "polo shirt" and "golf shirt" are used interchangeably, and in the sport of polo, polo shirts are called polo jerseys.

Even though Crooked Brook has been so generous with their donations, I could see where there would be lots of opportunities to actual place orders with them too. Their embroidery work is exceptional and the choices for colors and text are great. Plus, there are a wide number of choices as far as what items to have embroidered. I could see quilt guilds wanting to have polo shirts with their name or logo embroidered on it. Quilt shop owners could get polo shirts made for themselves and their employees. Even kids sports teams could order polo shirts for the coaches.

If you already have a logo or design that you would like embroidered, just e-mail Crooked Brook the artwork and they will give you a free estimate of the onetime cost to digitize it, and the estimated cost each time they embroider the design. These costs will depend on the design's size and complexity.

If you do not have a logo but would like to create one, you can do so by choosing an embroidery font, embroidery thread color and combining them with a stock design from Embroidery Island. Crooked Brook also has some of their own embroidery designs to choose from.

There are endless possibilities for using embroidered polo shirts.

Visit Crooked Brook for promotional products or custom embroidered polo shirts, button down shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, vests, jeans, patches, hats, aprons, fleece jackets, fleece blankets, sweatshirt blankets, baby blankets, tote bags, t-shirts and custom t-shirts.


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