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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Gosh, I am so frustrated with myself!  I absolutely love to start projects but really have a difficult time with actually finishing them.  Anyone else have this problem, lol?  I probably have atleast 30 UFOs that are quilting related, not to mention atleast another 15 that are knitting/crochet related.  Then there are charity items.  Being the area coordinator for Central Ohio Binky Patrol, I have received a large number of blocks that need put together (quilt or yarn ones) and quilt tops that need to be quilted & bound.  So many things to finish!  They are taking over my sewing room but yet I can’t make myself get in there and get them finished!

I have a pretty good excuse right now because I’m working on a knitted blanket for my only child to take to college the end of August.  I’m knitting pretty much 24/7 to get it finished in time.  But once August 20th comes and we’ve taken her to college I know I’m going to feel down, depressed and at my wits end.  I am thinking that maybe trying to make myself get all of these UFOs finished would be the best thing for me. 

I have to admit, though, that my first thought is to start something new instead.  AHH!!!  Is there any hope for me?  Maybe I should try to set a schedule up for myself.  I am blessed to be a SAHM and my husband has started a new schedule at work where he works 12 hours a day on a rotating type schedule.  The days he’s off I will probably be spending all my time with him enjoying our empty nest.  But the days he works will be perfect for me to craft all day long!  Any advice to make myself get things done?  What are your secrets?!?


Terri Tribble said...

I don't have any secrets, but I'm sure gonna be watching this post to find some!!!! LOL! I just get bored and stop, starting something new.

msmugsy said...

If I could only finish all the UFO's in my closet, basement, closet, guest room, bedroom, attic, oh, and did I mention CLOSET!! I would probably have Christmas gifts made for everyone on my list and even 1/2 of yours. Sheesh, any ideas to getting started on finishing would be very welcome advise indeed!!

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