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Friday, January 18, 2008


Gosh, I haven't posted in quite some time! Shame on me!!! I've been busy with work & homeschooling. I have been reading lots of e-mail groups though - especially all the quilting one! I love them! It is so great to hear about what other people are doing & I end up with so many projects I want to do. Right now something I am very interested in making is a throw sized quilt out of 1930's reproduction fabrics. I think that style of fabric is so pretty! Just so girly and pretty! :) I was wondering if any of you have any good sources for 1930s fabrics at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately money is tight so I know I can't pay too much. I'd like to atleast start working on collecting some of this type of fabric to eventually put into a quilt. Also, once I do gather all the fabric what type of pattern would be good to do? I'd like something that will show off the beautiful fabrics but also something that could've been made in that time period. Oh...and something fairly easy because I'm still not too confident in my quilting. I think I'm going to post this on my e-mail groups as well. I'm sure between here and there I'll get lots of great ideas and suggestions! Bye for now!


Hrönnsa said...

I collected 30´s style fabrics for one year (last year) and now have enough to make a quilt (hurray). I´m making a quilt from the book ´´westminster´´ book number 3 by Rowan. The quilt I chose is called pale pin wheels (by kaffe fassett). Its just a table cloth in the book but I´m making it into a quilt...I´m really enjoying it.
Oh and the fabric I bought on e-bay..took a long time but it was sooo worth it, I could never have afforded to get it all in one go..and I think its so much more fun this collect it.
good luck with yours :)

Kim said...

Im making a cathedral windows quilt with mine. I just did a pineapple blossom quilt with strips from connecting threads and I am working on the quilt along blocks with the bonus hsts from the pinepple blossom quilt. Should be a nice throw for my chair when it's finished.
I agree ebay or are great places to get fqs of 30's fabrics. Most of AManda Jean's blocks are 2 or 3 fabrics so try to get 2 colors. I'm saving my money to get some poison green ( very 30's solid green) to use with the fq bundle I got for Christmas. How are those magazines? Did you find anything to make yet????

Shelina said...

Joann's had some 30s fabric bundles for sale onlin e over the holidays, but they always seemed to be but when I tried to order them. They might be available now.

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