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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Okay, I need to rant for alittle bit. Today was a birthday party for my neice at one of my husband's sister's houses. All of his family don't really go to church or have the same type values that we do. They drink & curse & basically just don't live the way we do. It is so frustrating to me because they all like to make fun of us - really just me & Ashley - that we are so good and don't ever do anything "bad". Instead of seeing it as a good thing they see it as a joke. Something to laugh at and make fun of us over. When Tom was growing up he did alot of the same things they all do but then after we started dating - he was 19 when we got together - he stopped all that stuff. Since then he has grown into a wonderful Christian man. We are trying to raise our daughter with those values & she is so strong in her Christianity as well. I hate that whenever we are at family gatherings with his side of the family it always turns into teasing and making fun of us for being Christians, not drinking or cursing, homeschooling, respecting each other & having a very strong marriage. They also tease Ashley about never leaving home because she is homeschooled and why isn't she more interested in boys or rap music or whatever. It just stinks that they can't support us at all. Or at the very least that they can't keep their opinions to themselves. I am so happy with how our family is. I feel as though my husband treats me better than any other husband that I know. I also feel as though Ashley is the best 14 year old I know - none of the usual teenager drama to deal with. I wish they didn't tease us but I also wish that I didn't let it get to me. I wish that I could just ignore it & not get all worked up. I know we are striving to live the way God wants us to live - that is all that should matter!!

On a happier note Ashley had another basketball game today & they won!!!! It was close but they pulled it out!!! Now they are 2 - 0!!!!! :)


:)De said...

Lisa, I can really relate to "Ranting" as we face the same thing from 'family'. When I was young and would get teased at school, my mother would always say "They laughed at Jesus too." At the time, I just disliked that I see it as a 'walk like Christ' opportunity. That does not always take away from the hurt, but it can ease the sting a bit. Congradulate Ashley for having a mother who speaks positively of her. So many teens don't get to hear that. And blessings to you my sister in Christ. Be encouraged.


Steph said...

We deal with the same thing with our families, especially with having older ones(23,19,18,15,13,11and 9) that are still virgins, we don't do bf/gf, but courting and oh my the statements that fly! Kind of got to taking the statements as encouragment in our walk, I mean why else would they talk they way for except they were being convicted!!The Light shining in their dark world is terribly blinding!

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