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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dad & daughter time

Tom and Ashley had some dad and daughter time tonight. I am so happy that he is willing to spend special time with her! She is very lucky to have such a great dad & he is very lucky to have such a great daughter. They went to the gym to mess around with basketball some & then they went shopping. She had some Christmas money as well as babysitting money. It was burning a hole in her pocket so she wanted to SHOP! I had to work so the two of them went without me. I think it is so great for them to spend time together alone. She is almost 15 and really needs to build a strong relationship with her dad. She's growing up so quickly and will be gone to college before we know it. I love that they are making the effort to spend time together now. She wanted to get a purse while they were shopping. He was playing around and teasing with her. They have so much fun together. And then - I can't really believe he did this but he says it was safe enough - he let her drive the car alittle bit in an empty parking lot!!!! She was scared to death at first and she tells me she didn't go over 10 mph. It sounds like they really had a good time tonight. I am just so thankfully that I have both of them in my life. I can't imagine my life without them!!!!


Heather said...

That's great that they're so close! You're so right about how important Dad is in children's lives. She's a very lucky girl! ;o)

I've been enjoying your blog! Just wanted to stop in and say, "Hi!" Have a great weekend. ;o)

Dawn said...

It's me Dawn from the Old Fahioned Christian Homekeepers Yahoo group...I think that's the one we are on together...LOL. I am on so many!

I am glad your hubby and daughter got to spend time together...praise God!

They should have a father / daughter date once a week. Doesn't have to be anything fancy..maybe ice cream at McDonalds or a walk in the park...

I am enjoying your blog!

God Bless You!

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