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Friday, February 19, 2010

Survivor & UFOs

Well, we just finished watching tonight's Survivor and I had to write just a little bit. I am NOT liking James right now!!! I hate the way he acted tonight - too loud and bossy. Plus the previews look like he is going to be that way next week too. On the other hand, I am really liking Boston Rob. It scared me when he passed out but he's going to be fine That team sure wouldn't be the same without him and his leadership!

On to quilting stuff, I've decided to sorta make a schedule for myself. My husband keeps teasing me that I have way too many UFO's. I only have about 15 so I don't think it's that bad but I need to get working on finishing them! But I've really been bitten by the donation quilt bug. And, I keep getting such good ideas from everyone's blogs and emails.

So, here is my plan. On Monday and Tuesdays I'm going to work on donation quilts. On Wednesdays I'm going to work on something new. On Thursday and Fridays I'm going to work on UFOs. And on Saturday and Sundays I can work on whatever I want. Plus, I'm going to try very hard to work for atleast 15 minutes every day. I really like to have a plan so this is probably going to be good for me.

Today I did cheat just alittle because I wanted to finish my second fabric bowl. I got it done! I used up all the clothesline that I had. I really want to make more of these bowls so I have got to get more clothesline or something. Somewhere on a blog I read that somebody used macrame cord instead and it worked just fine. That would probably be alot cheaper!

I did follow the plan today too and worked on my UFO for a whole hour. I had started a Y2K quilt about two years ago - I wasn't really crazy about quilting back when it was really the year 2000. Anyway, lots of great friends sent me 2.5 inch squares and I had big plans of making them into my own Y2K quilt. Of course, life got in the way and the project became a UFO. I dug it out today and got lots of pairs of squares sewn together in an hour. Combined with what I had already sewn, I have about 330 pairs right now. It felt good to work on that today and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!


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