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Monday, February 1, 2010

Packages brightened my day!

Last week, on Thursday, I started sorting my strings into seperate colors. Unfortunately, I woke up with a terrible cold on Friday and have been fighting it ever since! Lucky for me, I don't have to go anywhere at all if I don't feel like it. But unlucky for me, I've got lots of fabric sitting around waiting to be organized and made into charity quilts! My front room looks like a mess right now - but I'm fortunated to have such an understanding husband!

The mailman brought me lots of packages today to help brighten my mood! These are the fabrics for my first set of blocks for the Cancer is Sew Done project. I get to make Friendship Star blocks and then send them back to the organizer. Sounds fun! I should be getting more sets of fabrics every few months and we'll be making different blocks each time.

I also got a package from Tonie in NV. It was crammed full of strings!! The colors are so fun and bright. I can't wait to get sewing on them!

Last but not least, I also got a box of strings from Joann in NE. I met Joann on the Sunshine list as well. I'll be using these strings for a Sunshine project. There are some beautiful pastel flannel ones in here that are going to be so fun to play with!

Now I just have to work on getting better. It's so hard to sit in this recliner and look at all those strings in the front room just calling out to me. I keep telling my husband that maybe I could work for an hour or two but I haven't convinced him yet! He sure is protective of me!! By the way, for all you praying folks out there, could you please send up a prayer for my wonderful husband? He's been having terrible gall bladder attacks. It is so scary! We meet with the surgeon on Thursday and I'm sure he'll be getting scheduled for surgery soon. Please keep us in you prayers!


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