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Monday, February 15, 2010

Lots to talk about

I haven't been quilting very much because I've been playing nurse for my husband. He is slowly recovering and getting his strenght back. I think the resting is starting to drive him crazy though! He's ready to get back to his old self. I'll admit that I am ready too - I'm missing my loving husband!

I did sew alittle bit yesterday. I started my first fabric bowl using clothes line. It is fun but it was kinda difficult to get started. Once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed myself. Hopefully I'll get it finished soon and then I'll post some pictures.

One of the Yahoo groups I'm on, Stashbuster, has been having a very interesting conversation about charity quilts. We have been discussing the fact that sometimes people thing that making a quilt for charity isn't as important as a personal quilt. That it is alright to use below standard fabric, or to make only simple patterns, or that the quality of the stitches or quilting has to be higher. All of us have been saying that we don't feel that way at all. That we want to make just as beautiful and high quality quilts for charity as we would for our friends or family. One woman mentioned using the term "community service quilts" instead of charity quilts and I love that idea! I'm going to use that term from now on.

We're getting more snow today!! I can't believe this, it seems as though we are never going to see the grass again. They are forcasting that we may get another six to nine inches today. It really is beautiful as long as I am able to stay inside.



autumnesf said...

I think the quilts should be just as nice as "personal" quilts also.

But I do admit that there are some instances that I don't think quits are the best option. Sending quilts to an area that probably doesnt have running water and lots of the wash is getting done with stones and beating in the muddy river.... Quilts are not the best/optimum for that situation. A sturdy, dark colored fleece or other tougher material will hold up for the receiver much longer and be of better service...even if its not "made with love". And you DEFINITELY don't want to send a sub-par quilt into that kind of environment -- it must be one with care and quality.

Mary said...

I tend to call them donation quilts but don't spend much time worrying what people call them. I make them with the same care I use for all my quilts but frequently I practice or learn new quilting designs on them....of course I've been known to do that on all my quilts, personal ones as well as gifts.

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