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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy quilting day!!

I hope everyone out there has been enjoying today.  And since it is National Quilting Day I hope you were able to fit in atleast alittle quilting!!!  I did!  I am finally feeling up to sewing some and it feels so great.  I decided to make a purse out of the Make Life charm pack that Sherry sent me for my birthday.  I'm also going to use the fabric Dorothy sent for the lining.  So pretty!!!!  Here is a picture of what I've completed so far!

We went shopping on Thursday after I got the heart monitor off.  By the way, I survived but it sure was annoying!  I haven't gotten the results yet so please keep up the prayers.  Anyhow, we went shopping with my birthday money and I got lots of great stuff.  I got a new cutting mat, a rotary cutter, flower head pins, glass head pins, curved safety pins and a pin cushion.  Oh, I also got a new pillow but that isn't in the picture because it went immediately on my bed! LOL!

And then I also got 27 plastic containers that are 30 quart size!!!  Yep, 27!!!!!!!  It cost me almost $100.00 but it was worth it.  I am so happy with how organized I am now.  I have spent the last few days sorting and sorting.  I even conned my husband into helping me some - isn't he the greatest?!?!  It is all finished now and I am really happy with how it turned out.  I used all the containers to sort out fabric and strings.  I decided not to cut the fabric down at all until I'm ready to use it.  All that cutting would have really overwhelmed me!  I also have two big containers full of all the kits I've been sent and that I've made up on my own.  Just the kits alone will keep me busy for quite some time!!  Here are a couple pictures of all my containers - I love them!!!

Time to cook some dinner!  If you haven't quilted any today, I highly recommend fitting alittle bit in!  You'll be glad you did, I promise!!


1 comment:

Helen in the UK said...

WOW - that is organised!! Glad you've developed a system that is working for you now. You can always adapt and add to it as time progresses and your needs change :)

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