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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scary situation and some mail

I had a scary situation happen yesterday and I'd really appreciate all your prayers!  I was eating lunch with my husband and I passed out.  That has never happened to me before!  It really freaked my husband out and he was screaming and trying to wake me up.  He said that he really thought I had died.  Our daughter was upstairs and she heard him screaming.  Of course, it really scared her too.

We went to the doctor's office and they took some blood for tests.  They called today and all the tests came back normal so that is a good sign.  I'm also scheduled to wear a heart monitor next week.  I pick it up on March 16 - my birthday, what a great present!  I think I'll have to wear it for a couple days then we'll get the results a week or so later.  I'm praying that nothing comes of that either.  We are really starting to think that it could've happened because I was dehydrated.  I've been drinking water like crazy since yesterday and I'm going to try hard to keep at it! 

Before all that happened, I had spent the morning at my first Newborns in Need meeting.  It was so great!  The ladies were all really nice and seemed happy to have me there.  I'm so excited about finding this group.  I love making charity quilts and it's great to find somewhere that donates locally.  I really like the idea of helping out my own community.  They sent a couple kits home with me too. 

I also got another delivery from a fabric manfucturer today.  This one came from Northcott Monarch Fabrics and I'm so excited about it.  They included 5 pieces of fabric, a charm pack, some patterns and a few "Quest for a Cure" pins.  So generous!!  I've put a link up for their website and please remember to support this company as well.  It is so inspiring to have fabric manufacturers see the benefit of donating to charities.  Thanks so much!!!

Please pray for me while I'm dealing with these health issues.  It's scary but eye opening too.  I need to start taking better care of myself!  If you could, add my husband and daughter to your prayer lists as well.  They are still pretty worried about me and keeping a close eye on me.  They both love me so much and I am so happy about that!!!



Cornfield Quilter said...

My prayers are with you all and I will pray for the doctors as they determine what is wrong.
What wonderful donations you have been getting, you definately have some great fabric to make wonderful quilts with. Hugs! :D

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Goodness, I do hope that everything goes well for you with your health! What great fabric you have - and how kind of you to donate your time!

autumnesf said...

It's amazing how dehydration can mess you up - hoping that was the issue.

I finished my first kit from Quilts for Kids and have it ready to go back. Thanks ever so much for posting about them. And I too have found a local group that does charity quilts for our community and am working on two lap quilts for that.

Take care of yourself!

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