A Life Full of Laughter: It's my birthday!! :)

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's my birthday!! :)

Yea!!!  Today is my birthday!  My husband and daughter got me a cake from the most delicious bakery on the planet!!!!  It's a white cake with white icing and it'll probably be gone pretty soon - lol!  They also gave me $100.00 to spend however I want.  Plus my mom & daddy sent me a check for $50.00.  Oh and my inlaws even sent me a gift card to JC Penny's for $30.00.  I'm loaded!!!  I know this is probably crazy to alot of people, especially if you aren't all into being organized, but I think I'm going to spend the bulk of the money of plastic containers to organize all the donation fabric I've been sent.  Then I'm going to blow alittle bit of it at JoAnn's Fabric on some nicer pins, maybe a new rotary cutter, more safety pins and stuff like that.  I'm thinking about getting a Boston Celtics tee shirt and a Pittsburgh Steelers tee shirt with the gift certificate.  Fun, fun!

Unfortunately, I had to get the heart monitor put on this afternoon so I didn't feel like going shopping today.  I only have to wear it 24 hours though so maybe we'll go out tomorrow afternoon.  It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just sorta annoying.  I'm praying that everything comes back normal and I can just move on with my life!!

I got a package this past weekend and haven't gotten a chance to blog about it yet.  It was a whole bunch of Heartstring blocks from Sue in MN.  They are so great!  I'm using them for baby quilts so I don't need as many as other Heartstring quilters do.  That makes it nice for batches of blocks that aren't as big.  Here is a picture.

And then today, while I was on the phone with my mom for my birthday, I got a delivery from UPS.  I love when they come because it is usually some fabric!!  It was!!!  I got a delivery from Fabri-quilt, Inc.  I can't believe how generous some of these fabric manufacturers have been!!!!  This was a pretty good sized box and it was completely full - I mean crammed full - of wonderful kids print fabrics!!  So awesome!!!!  Again, when you are looking to spend some cash on the stash, please be sure to support Fabri-quilt as well as all the other great companies that have helped me.  Here are some pictures of all the great fabric they sent me.

I am so blessed in my life!  And I am very ready to get healthy again and start working on baby quilts with all this awesome fabric.  My mind is about to explode it is so full of plans and ideas!

Bye for now,


Bianca said...


Happy Birthday!!!!

Your cake looks delicious, it wouldn't last very long in my house either.

Have fun sorting your fabric stash into your new storage containers. I love sorting my stash around. I always get new ideas while playing with fabric.

I pray the doctors will get answers about your health, and will have you just like new in a jiffy.

Bianca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
autumnesf said...

Love that cake! Green is my favorite color!

Don't worry too much about the monitor - its not going to be that bad!

I am so jealous of all your fabrics! Being a newby it just makes me drool!!

Helen in the UK said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday! I think your plans for the birthday money sound great - organisation will help you be more productive in the long run. Great fabrics :)

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