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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun evening

What a great night tonight!  I went to visit my brother, Nathan, and his wife Staci.  They have three kids who are just adorable!  Anyhow, I had missed their oldest son's birthday party because of a migraine so I wanted to take him his present.  They invited me for dinner & since Tom was at work I jumped at the offer.  It was a nice evening!

Staci made chicken & noodle soup and I am telling is the very best chicken noodle soup I have ever had!  Delicious!!  She had made it when Tom had his gall bladder out over a year ago and I was hoping she'd make it again tonight.  She didn't disappoint me!

Guess what else....Nathan went to a Steeler's football game a few weeks ago and he got me something.  Can you guess what it is?  You'll never it is.....

Isn't it awesome!! Now I can wave it all around during the games.  Tom is just thrilled, lol!  Not really but that is only because he loves the Browns and they aren't nearly as good as the Steelers! :)

What a great night.  Plus tomorrow Tom and I are going to visit Ashley at college.  I sure can't wait to see her.  We're taking Juni, our 100 pound black lab who is shedding terribly, with us.  What were we thinking?  Oh, I know....that it would make Ashley happy!  Serious, we are so excited to see her.  She's doing so great at college and it'll be nice to meet some of her new friends.


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