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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rafflecopter Roundup Sponsor Spotlight - Custom Leather Jewelry Etsy Shop

Customized jewelry, especially leather items, are so special.  Our next sponsor, Custom Leather Jewelry Etsy Shop is just the place for a special, customized gift whether it is for yourself or someone else. While working with the artist, you will be able to design the perfect cuff, wrap, belt, key chain, pendant or other item.  You can read more about them on their Facebook page, Etsy Shop, or following them on Twitter.

For this giveaway, Custom Leather Jewelry is offering a $30.00 gift certificate towards any item in the shop.  The winner will have the opportunity to create a customized piece of jewelry that you can put your own words on or use some from the shop.  It is completely up to you!

Remember, the Rafflecopter Roundup Giveaway will be held from September 21 – September 25.  There are over 120 blogs taking part so you’ll have lots of opportunities to win some great prizes.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope you can join us!

1 comment:

mmbear said...

Got your message and came over and it looks like you are doing just fine. It took me from February to now to get the followers that I have. I worked every weekend blog hop and a few during the week. Then I got sick for awhile and had to stop. So, I havent' kept up with them as much as I should but now that I am doing reviews for some really nice products I have been forced back into doing them to get people over to leave comments so that my sponsors don't think I promote them. I have neglected to start newsletters so that is my next project. I have not done any giveaways yet they have all been reviews which even surprised me that that many companies would just let me do a review. I will be doing my first giveaway soon with another blogger who sells Eclipse Spa products and we will be giving away a scrub, lotion and roll on perfume. So, you need to keep checking back to see when I start it. I am going to try and have my newsletter up and going by then so I can remind everyone but just in case something goes wrong I will let you know now to keep checking. It won't be next week as I have not received them to do a review. The other blogger is going to help me set up the forms and get it all together for me so that it will go smoothly so that has taken some of the pressure off of me since my first giveaway will not be a big company looking over my shoulder. Michele and I have been "talking" for quite awhile and so I know I can trust her to help me run this contest smoothly. She saw my 1st Lilla Rose review and said it was so good she wanted me to do the review of the products she sells on top of blogging. So, I have had alot of ups and downs and lots of different bloggers have helped me along the way or else I don't know where I would be. And I try to help others just as much because we are all in this together and don't want to see anyone fail. After all, if you are successful it is just one more place I can come and enter a contest! So, just keep working the blog hops and join some of the review sites like Mom Central, Product Reviews, Tomoson and I have all their buttons on my blog on the right hand side towards the bottom. Just click on them and go there and join and they will let you know when they are looking for people to do reviews. Also, just start sending out emails to companies you think you want to review. You will get some that say no but I was so shocked when I started getting alot of yes's and right now I am so behind all these products keep coming every day! And I am not doing giveaways either. I have another 6 companies that said once I get my first giveaway over to let them know and they will send their products over for a giveaway. Start with something you really know well. With me it was tea. I have always been a tea drinker and sometime coffee drinker so I started with those because I know alot about tea. Pick something you really love and could tell the difference in the way they taste or if it is clothes or shoes or handbags that you know alot about start there. I hope I have given you some ideas. Let me know if you need some more help. Thanks for stopping by.

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