A Life Full of Laughter: Granny Stripe #2 Yarn

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Granny Stripe #2 Yarn

I've jumped in with both feet and I'm so excited!  I really love this pattern.  And I love the yarn too!  I've just spend the last hour and a half winding all of my yarn into cakes.  Gosh!  At least I have a yarn ball winder from KnitPicks or it would've been terrible!  Here is the fruits of my labor...

So pretty, right?  I'm using Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Worsted yarn.  It's awesome and the colors are just so vibrant! I'd really like to have as many different colors as possible in my blanket. These are the ones I have so far and am very interested in gaining more.  Any color at all - the only stipulation is that I want them to all be solids.  The variegated ones you see on the edge are going to be the borders. Here are all the solid colors I have so far...

M-03 Gray 
M-06 Deep Charcoal 
M-23 Fuchsia 
M-28 Chianti 
M-57 Brite Blue 
M-78 Aztec Turquoise 
M-186 Golden Mushroom
M-191 Kiwi
M-120 Limeade 
M-34 Victorian Pink
M-183 Rosado Rose 
M-110 Orange You Glad 
M-145 Spice 
M-101 Bing Cherry
M-81 Red Baron
M-14 Sunburst Gold 
M-174 Wild Mustard 

I'm going to check out Ravelry too but if anyone reading this has some they are willing to part with I would really appreciate it!!  Free is best of course but cheap is great too! Please let me know ASAP.  I'm hoping on getting the whole blanket completed by Thanksgiving.



Erin Wallace said...

All that yarn, all that color! I'm getting dizzy! Must take deep breaths!

Katherines Corner said...

Wow, there are some great colors there! Sending hugs and wishes for a beautiful day ahead xo

Lisa said...

Oh Erin, you know you love all those colors! And I'm even hoping to add more, lol! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Katherine! I love this pattern so much.....probably because of the opportunity to play with color.

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