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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Should I switch?

Thanks to all of you guys, my wonderful readers, my blog is growing every day.  I've got lots of fantastic reviews and giveaways lined up so keep your eyes open for them!  Because of all the growth, and from things I've been reading online, I'm beginning to think I need to look into getting my own domain and web hosting package as well as switching to Word Press.

I'll be honest though, it's freaking me out a little!  First off is the I know it isn't much and the old saying is "You have to spend money to make money" but I'm still a little worried about it.  Second, and really the bigger thing on my mind, is the overwhelming task of making the change.  I don't really even know where to start! 

I've reached out to a wonderful blogging friend of mine & hopefully she'll be willing to help, but if any of you have some advice or tips please leave me a comment!  I'm not sure where the best place to get my domain/web hosting package is, I'm concerned about switching to Word Press because I don't have a clue how to use it, I think I'll get my own email accounts that will need set up, how will I let everyone know where to find me know, the list just goes on and on!!!

Any advice out there?  I could sure use it, lol!



Mango Chutney said...

I have to admit, I love wordpress! You can go straight thru them but it's almost $20-30 a month, if you go thru Yahoo, u pay every three months at around $30. The downfall is if something goes wrong with wordpress, you're on your own, yahoo will just be hosting you. The plugins are the fun part, I think youwill enjoy it! ;)

biertjuh58 said...

I would opt for an own domain name AND switching to Wordpress. Just putting in my ten cents worth. Where are the cookies? :)

Fran {The Flavorful Fork} said...

You have a beautifully designed site. Moving to WordPress will allow you to easily manage your site and offers lots of plugins for additional functionality without having to know a lick of code. I would recommend Bluehost for hosting your site since it makes it very easy to install WordPress and their support has been quite good.

Belinda said...

I am in the process of making the switch myself. I have my domain and will soon be getting hosting set up. Yeah it cost a little each year (for domain & hosting) but I look at it as an investment in my blog.

Julie said...

I'm not a blogger, so I don't know about the process of switching, but just giving my two cents worth, I've been reading a lot of posts from bloggers who are switching, so there must be something to it! Good luck :)

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